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Your Future Is Uncertain.  Your Choice Of Legal Representation Shouldn’t Be. Your whole world is changing, and it can be scary and confusing. Divorce can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life, especially […]

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence and Orders Of Protection Domestic violence is an epidemic that knows no bounds.  It is not a respecter of persons, social class, or wealth.  It happens to both sexes, within all races, and communities. […]

Custody of child

Child Custody

Child Custody Child custody cases can take place between married parents, unmarried parents, or other third parties who have the standing to challenge a parents’ right to custody of their own children. A married parent […]

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Child Support

Child Support Child Support stems from the legal right of every child to be taken care of and provided for by the very persons that brought them into this world. It is a right that […]

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Juvenile Court Attorneys in Knoxville Are Not The Same

Juvenile Court Attorneys in Knoxville Are Not The Same When you need a juvenile court attorney, look no farther than the Law Office Of Camellia S. Saunders for experience, confidence, and success.  Ms. Saunders understands […]

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General Civil Practice

General Civil Practice The Law Office of Camellia S. Saunders will gladly assist you in preparing the following important documents: Last Will and Testament General Power of Attorney Health Care Power of Attorney Living Will […]